Monday, 21 April 2014

Deobandi Teaching To Write Quranic Verses on Pregnant Woman's Womb and Thigh

All true Muslims respect the Quran from the depths of their hearts, and cannot tolerate even the least disrespect for it. We have already mentioned in a previous post that according to the Hanafi jurisprudence, to disrespect the Quran by ripping it with anger and throwing it on the ground is not considered kufr by them! See here

In accordance with this evil principle of Hanafi jurisprudence, the Deobandi mullah Ashraf Ali Thanwi wrote that pregnant women should have a Quranic ta'weez of certain verses of the Quran written and tied upon their womb in order to protect their pregnancy. Similarly, in order to conceive a child, Deobandis are advised by the black magician mullah Ashraf Thanwi to place a Quranic ta'weez on their thighs!

Reference: Amaal-e-Qurani, Pages #24 and #33

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