Sunday, 17 May 2015

Syed Qutb: Islam is not Uneasy About the Differences of Aqidah and Manhaj in Mankind

To get a feel for just how extremely lost in darkness Syed Qutb was, one must only read the following passage from his book:

ولم يضق ذرعاً باختلاف الناس في المنهج والعقيدة ، بل اعتبر هذا ضرورة من
 ضرورات الفطرة ، وغرضاً من أغراض الإرادة العليا في الحياة والناس 

Translation: “Islam does not feel uneasy about the differences of mankind in aqeedah (creed) and manhaj (methodology), rather it considers this as something necessitated by natural disposition and a goal from a higher will in life amongst the people."

Reference: Nahwa Mujtami' Islami, p.103

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