Friday, 21 August 2015

Sufi Saint Shah Niyaz Claimed to be Jesus and Prophet Muhammad alaihimus salam (!)

Sufi 'Saint' Shah Niyaz of Delhi (d. 1250 H / 1834 CE) claimed to be Jesus son of Mary and also claimed to be the Prophet Muhammad (alaihimus salam) in the following Persian couplet:

عیسی مریمی منم احمد ہاشمی منم

Translation: “I am Eisa Mariami (Jesus). I am Ahmad Hashimi (Muhammad)”

Reference: Diwan Niyaz, p. 54



Elsewhere, he claimed to be many other Prophets:

Sometimes I am Idris, sometimes Seth, sometimes Noah, sometimes Jonas, sometimes Joseph, sometimes Jacob, sometimes Hud, sometimes Saleh, sometimes Abraham, sometimes Isaac, sometimes Yahia, sometimes Moses, sometimes Jesus, and sometimes David.”

Reference: Diwan Niyaz, p. 57

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