Saturday, 26 September 2015

Deoband Founder Qasim Nanautawi Calling Upon the Dead to Pray for Him

The founder of the Deobandi sect, Mawlana Muhammad Qasim of Nanawta (d.1880) used to visit the Mazaars (shrines built over the graves – something itself that is forbidden according to the teachings of Islam), and would ask the dead inmate of the grave to pray for him!

اگر اکیلے کسی مزار پر جاتے اور دوسرا شخص وہاں موجود نہ ہوتا، تو آواز سے عرض کرتے کہ آپ میرے واسطے دعا کریں۔

Translation: If he (Qasim Nanautawi) went to a Mazar alone, and there was no one else present there, he would vocally say [to the inmate of the grave]: “Please pray for me.”

Reference: Sawaneh Qasimi; v.2 p.29


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