Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Deobandi Qasim Nanawti Explaining Meaning of Khaatam

Founder of Darul Ulum Deoband, Mawlana Qasim
Nanawtawi explained the true meaning and reality
of the word Khaatam as having an alternate
meaning apart from chronological finality:

سو جس میں اس صفت کا زیادہ ظہور ہو جو خاتم الصفات ہو یعنی اس سے اوپر اور صفت
 ممکن اظہور یعنی لایق انتقال وعطائے مخلوکات نہ ہو۔ وہ شخص مخلوکات میں خاتم
 المراتب ہوگا اور وہی شخص سب کا سردار اور سب سے افضل ہوگا۔

Translation: "Therefore, the person who possesses
this attribute, which is Khaatam as-Siffaat (Seal of
Attributes), to a greater degree of manifestation,
that is, there is no attribute above it or which has the
possibility of being manifested and granted into the
creation – such a person, among the creation, is the
Khaatam al-Maraatib (Seal of Stations), and that
person is the master of all and the most superior of

Reference: Intisar-ul-Islam; p.48


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