Saturday, 26 September 2015

Deobandis and Concept of Zilli Nabuwwat (Shadow Prophethood)

The Deobandi scholar and historian, Mawlana Sayyid Muhammad Mian, wrote that the Mujaddid (reformer) is the shadow and resemblance of a Prophet:

فرق اگر ہے تو یہ ہے کہ نبوت اصل ہے اور تجدید اس کا ظل ہے۔وہاں الہام قطعی ہے جس کو وحی کہتے ہیں، یہاں ظنی ہے۔ اس کا منکر خارج از اسلام ہے، اس کا منکر خارج از اصلاح وتقوی ہے۔ بہر صورت مجددیت، نبوت کا ایک نہایت روشن اور درخشاں پر تو ہے۔ اس لئے مجدد علم وعمل کے لحاظ سے نبی کا سایہ اور اخلاق و ملکات کے لحاظ سےنبی کا نمونہ ہوتا ہے۔

Translation: If there is a difference, then it is this that Nabuwwah (Prophethood) is the original, and Tajdid (status of being a reformer) is its shadow. In Prophethood, Ilham (inspiration) is definite and is referred to as Wahi (revelation), while in Tajdid it (Ilham) is not definite. The rejecter of Prophethood is excluded from Islam, while the rejecter of a Mujaddid (Reformer) is excluded from rectification and righteousness. However, Mujaddidiyat is an extreme manifestation of the Light and Brilliance of Prophethood. This is because, in terms of knowledge and deeds, the Mujaddid is the shadow of the Prophet, and in terms of character and morals, he is a sample of the Prophet.

Reference: Ulama-e-Hind Ka Shandar Mazi; p.144

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