Thursday, 17 September 2015

Imam Ibn Hazm (R.A) and the Death of Jesus عليه السلام

The great Islamic scholar and jurist, Imam Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi (d.456 H) understood the fact that the Qur'an al-Majid declares that the Messiah Eesaa ben Mariam (alaihis salam) has died. He wrote:

ولم يرد عيسى عليه السلام بقوله (فلما توفيتنى) وفاة النوم فصح أنه انما عنى وفاة الموت

Translation: “And Jesus (peace be upon him) did not mean by his saying Falammaa Tawaffaytanee (5:117) that he was made to sleep. What is correct is that he was made to Die.”

Reference: Al-Muhalla; v.1 p.23 (Mas'alah no.41)

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