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Deobandi Couplets of Shirk and Kufr معاذ الله

Deoband is perhaps the most severe calamity upon the vulnerable Muslim Ummah to date. Its insidiousness lies in the fact that it pretends to be a reformist and pietist movement with the objective of reviving the spirit of worship and obedience to the divine laws of the Shari᾿ah. The reality is of course quite different. Deoband is a fraudulent and deceptive movement that propagates Satanic beliefs and Shirk under the cover of “spirituality”. Its worst crime its apology for grave worship calling upon the dead and associating partners with Allah, including the ascription of purely divine attributes to the created entities. The despicable Deobandi apologist, Hussain Ahmad Madani (1879-1957) was an avowed and proud defender of the fraudulent spirituality of the pseudo-mystics and the polytheistic grave worship they infected this Ummah with. He defends the following idolatrous couplet:

يا أشرف الخلق مالي من ألوذ به

سواك عند حدوثِ الحادثِ العَمم

اے افضل مخلوقات میرا کوئی نہیں جس کی پناہ پکڈوں

بجز تیرے بروقت نزول حوادث

Translation: “O best of the creation! I have no one in whom I can take refuge in...except you at the time of widespread calamity.”

The Deobandi mulla proudly defends this filthy couplet of Shirk and Kufr, and furthermore quotes one of his own Deobandi elders (Qasim Nanotwi – founder of Dar-ul-Ulum Deoband) as affirming the meaning of this couplet with another:

مدد کر اے کرم احمدی کہ تیرے سوا

نہیں ہے قاسم بے کس کا کوئی حامی کار

جو تو ہی ہم کو نہ پوچھے تو کون پوچھے گا

بنے گا کون ہمارا تیرے سوا غم خوار

Translation: “Help me Karam Ahmadi for there is none except you...For Qasim there is no one to help...If we do not ask from you then who will ask?...Who will become, apart from you, our reliever of distress?”

Reference: Shihab-us-Saqib; p.245


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