Friday, 20 January 2017

Iqbal: "I Admire Iblis"

It is very regrettable that millions of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent hail Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938) as a formidable Islamic thinker, and heap praises upon his alleged services for the Religion. I have proven repeatedly on my blog that Iqbal swerved from orthodox Islamic beliefs and principles, and introduced dangerous concepts into the Faith due to being influenced by modernist and foreign ideas.

Photograph of Muhammad Iqbal

Sadly, many people who praise Iqbal are not in the least acquainted with his blasphemous words, for example, he wrote: “I have a certain amount of admiration for the devil. By refusing to prostrate himself before Adam whom he honestly believed to be his inferior, he revealed a high sense of self-respect; a trait of character, which, in my opinion, ought to redeem him from his spiritual deformity, just as the beautiful eyes of the toad redeem him from his physical repulsiveness” (Islam as a Moral and Political Ideal; pp. 36-37)

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