Friday, 30 June 2017

Deobandi Fatwa: Crow is Halal (Part 2)

In a previous entry on my blog, I’ve shown the reader that the Deobandis consider eating crow as not only permissible, but worthy of Thawab. Hence, the Deobandi elder Rashid Gangohi, issued a Fatwa stating:
جس جگہ زاغ معروفہ کو اکثر حرام جانتے ہوں اور کھانے والے کو برا کہتے ہوں تو ایسی جگہ اس کوا کھانے والے کو کچھ ثواب ہوگا۔یا نہ ثواب ہوگا نہ عذاب؟
الجواب: ثواب ہوگا
Question: Where most people consider the well-known crow as forbidden (to eat), and dislike those who eat it, in such a place would it entail Thawab (reward) to eat such a crow, or will there be neither Thawab nor punishment?
Answer: There will be Thawab (reward)!
Reference: Ta’lifat-e-Rashidiya; p.489

I have also proven that in fact this is the verdict and position of the Hanafi madhhab, and it is ironic that the Barelwis, who themselves blindly follow the Hanafi madhhab, attack the Deobandis for considering the well-known crow, which feeds on filth and carrion, as Halal.
Nevertheless, some Deobandis argue that the fatwa cited from Fatawa Rashidiya is concerning a crow that feeds on grain, known as the ‘Aq’aq in Arabic, and not the well-known crow that is jet black and feeds on filth and carrion. This despite the fact that the fatwa of Rashid Gangohi was regarding the Zaagh-e-Ma’rufa, which in Persian means “the well-known crow”. But to further clarify the point that the Deobandis consider this well-known, jet black crow that feeds on filth as Halal, I reproduce another fatwa of Rashid Gangohi below:
شرع کا کیا حکم ہے کہ کوّا دیسی جو عموما بستیوں میں پایا جاتا ہے حلال ہے یا حرام فقہاء نے بعض اقسام کوّے کو حلال لکھا ہے اور بعض کو حرام اب یہ دریافت کرنا منظور ہے کہ یہ کوّا قسم حرام میں ہے یا حلال میں؟
Question: What is the ruling of the Shari’a concerning the Desi crow which is ordinarily found in these areas; is it Halal or Haram? The Fuqaha (jurists) have written that some types of crows are Halal, and some are Haram. So is this crow (Desi crow which is ordinarily found in these areas) from the Haram type or from the Halal?
پس یہ کوّا جو ان بستیوں میں پایا جاتا ہے اگر یہ عقعق نہ ہو تو بھی اسکی حلّت میں شبہہ نہیں ہے
Answer: This crow which is found in these areas, even if it is not ‘Aq’aq, even then there is no doubt in it being Halal.
Reference: Tadkirat-ul-Rashid; p.178


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