Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Rafidi Shiite Blasphemy of Prophet عليه السلام

The deplorable cult of the Rafida cannot be considered a religion, because it is nothing more than cursing, abusing and mocking the Prophet’s (alayhis-salām) beloved companions and disciples, particularly his esteemed wives, whom the Holy Qur’an refers to as ‘Mothers of the Believers’ (Sura 33: 6). For instance, a cursed Rafidi Shi’ite mulla, “Sayyid” Ali Gharawi, had the audacity to state that the genitals of the beloved Prophet (alayhis-salām) is in the Fire because he had relations with wives who were polytheists, meaning, A’isha and Hafsa (radī Allāhu anhumā):
قال السيد علي غروي أحد أكبر العلماء في الحوزة: إن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وآله لا بُدَّ أن يَدْخُلَ فَرْجُه النار, لأنَّه وَطِئَ بَعضَ المشركات يريد بذلك زوجه من عائشة وحفصة
Reference: Lillah Thumma Lil Tarikh; pp. 2122

Now it is not surprising that this is yet another example of how the Rafidi Shi’a shamelessly express their malice towards the Prophet’s own wives. But what is absolutely shocking and disgusting is how this evil and cursed mulla has committed blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad (alayhis-salām), and hence repudiated his faith in Islam and became an apostate who will most definitely himself be burning in the fire of Hell for eternity. May Allah Most High save us from such a fate (Amīn)

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