Sunday, 5 November 2017

Ahlul Hadith Scholar: Ram, Laxman, Krisna, Zoroaster, Confucius, Buddha, Socrates, Pythagorus were Prophets

Scholar of the Ahlul Hadith sect of the Indian subcontinent, Allama Wahid-uz-Zaman of Hyderabad, who is best known for having translated the Sihhah us Sita into Urdu, wrote that Ram, Laxman, Krisna, Zoroaster, Confucius, Buddha, Socrates and Pythagorus were all prophets and messengers of Allah:


وعرف بالتواتر بين قوم ولو كفار انهم كانوا انبياء صلحاء كرامچندر ولچهمن وكشن جى بين الهند وزراتشت بين الفرس وكنفسيوس وبدها بين اهل الصين وجاپان وسقراط وفيثاغورس بين اهل اليونان بل يجب علينا ان نقول آمنا بجميع انبياء ورسل لا نفرق بين احد منهم


Reference: Hadiyatul Mahdi p.85


  1. Brother wahid uz zama was a shia his brother was a ahlehadith

    1. There is no proof of that. Waheed uz Zaman was definitely an "Ahle Hadith", his Urdu translations of Bukhari and other Hadith collections are widely read and kept by Ahle Hadith

  2. Ahlehadith Talib ur Rehman refutes the doubt for those who consider Wahid uz Zaman to be Ahlehadith. He was a shia and was rejected by Ahlehadith scholars of Indo-Pak


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