Friday, 17 November 2017

Sh. Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA): "Essence of Prophethood Remains Till Judgment Day"

Shaikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (rahimahullah) apparently agreed with our view that while Nubuwwa has formally been sealed, its essence remains among the Umma:
 نبوت کی ظاہری صورت اٹھ گئی ہے مگر معنا قیامت تک کے لیے باقی ہے۔ ورنہ زمین پر چالیس ابدال رہتے۔ ان میں سے بعض میں نبوت کے معنے پاۓ جاتے ہیں۔ جن کا دل ایسا ہے جیسا کسی نبی کا۔ اور بعض خدا اور رسولوں کے خلیفہ ہیں۔
“Prophethood in its outward sense has gone, but in terms of its essence it will continue till the Day of Judgment. Otherwise, why should there always be forty saints on the earth? Aspects of prophethood are to be found in some of them, whose hearts are like those of prophets. From among them are khalifas of God and of His messengers.”
Reference: Faiz-e-Subhani, pp. 121 – 122


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