Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Mutazilite Sects (Part 2)

بسم الله الرحمـن الرحيم

والعاقبة للمتّقين

Continuing from a previous entry regarding the sects of the Mu’tazila:

1. Khayyâtiya
Abûl-Hussain al-Khayyât
Affirmed  non-existent is a ‘thing’
2. Ka’biya
Abûl-Qâsim al-Ka’bî
Deny attribute of ‘will’ for God.
3. Jubbâ’iya
Abû Alî al-Jubbâ’î
Believe Allah is obedient to his servant if He does what His servants wills
4. Bahshamiya
Abû Hâshim Abd-as-Salâm
God is knowing: ‘knowing’ expresses the ha1 (mode) of God's essence
5. Thumâmiya
Thumâma b. Ashras al-Numairi
Generated acts are acts without an author
6. Shahhâmiya
Abû Ya’qûb al-Shahhâm
Possible for one thing to be determined by two determiners
7. Iskâfiya
Muhammad b. Abdullâh al-Iskâfi
Claim God has power to act unjustly only to those who don’t have full senses
8. Ja’fariya
Ja’far b. Harb and Ja’far b. al-Mubashshir
A part of the whole is different from the whole

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