Saturday, 13 July 2019

Deobandi Scandal: Rashid Gangohi and Qasim Nanotvi Lying In Bed Together as Lovers

A few years ago I cited the erotic dream of Rashid Gangohi, a major figure in the Deobandi sect, in which he has a same-sex marriage with the founder of Deoband, Qasim Nanautawi, and in that dream he sees himself having intimate (sexual) relations with Qasim Nanautawi. My purpose was to expose to the public the perversion that pervades Deoband and the reality of their so-called akabirin (elders). The bizarre relationship between these two gurus of the Deobandi sect may be further exposed from another incident which was not merely a dream:
“Hazrat Gangohi ne Hazrat Nanotvi say muhabbat aamez lehja main fermaya keh yahan zara lait jawo. Hazrat Nanotvi kuch sharma se gaye magar Hazrat ne phir fermaya to bohat adab ke sath chit lait gaye. Hazrat bhi usi charpai per lait gaye aur ki taraf ko krot ley kar apna hath un ke sinay per rakh dia jese koi aashiq sadiq apne qalb ko taskin dia karta hey. Maulana har chand fermatay hein keh miyan kia kar rahe ho, yeh loug kia kahein gay? Hazrat ne fermaya keh loug kahein gay, kehnay do.”
Translation: Rashid Gangohi said in a loving tone to Qasim Nanotvi “lie down here”. Qasim Nanotvi left out of shame but Rashid Gangohi said it again. Qasim Nanotvi then out of extreme courtesy laid down on the bed. Rashid Gangohi likewise laid down next to him on the bed and placed his hand on his chest like how a true lover comforts his heart. Qasim Nanotvi immediately said “what are you doing? What will people say?” Rashid Gangohi answered: “people will talk, let them talk.” (Arwah-e-Salasa p.228; Hikayat #304):

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