Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Error in Book of Fatimah: No Hasanid King

باسمك اللهم
وصلاتك وسلامك على نبيك وعبدك محمد
وعلى آله وازواجه وذريته
Some years ago, I exposed the little known Twelver Shi’ite heresy of a belief in a revealed scripture after the holy Qur’an called the Mus-haf of Fatimah. According to their belief, the Angel Gabriel عليه السلام descended upon sayyidatuna Fatimahسلام الله عليها and revealed matters of the unseen to her, which was written down by Amir al-Mu’minin Ali bin Abi Talib كرم الله وجهه and composed as a scripture. Fudail bin Sukrah narrates that he entered upon Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq, the sixth Imam of the Imamiyah Shi’ah, who informed him:
كنت انظر في كتاب فاطمة ( ع ) ليس من ملك يملك الارض الا وهو مكتوب فيه باسمه واسم ابيه وما وجدت لولد الحسن فيه شيئا
I was looking at the Book of Fatimah. There isn’t a single king who will rule in the Earth except that his name and the name of his father is written in it. But I did not find any of the progeny of al-Hasan in it.” (al-Kafi; v.1 p.143):

Now it can be ascertained that if there really was such a revealed scripture as the so-called ‘Book of Fatimah’, it is not a heavenly revelation, as it evidently contains a manifest falsehood. History bears witness that there were indeed kings and rulers, men possessing temporal authority in the Earth, who were direct descendants of the Prophet’s grandson Hasan bin Ali رضى الله عنهما. The Idrisid dynasty that ruled Morocco from 788-974 CE were descendants of Imam Hasan bin Ali. Likewise, the present Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is ruled by a Hasanid dynasty, the present King of Jordan, Abdullah II, is a direct descendant of Imam Hasan bin Ali. This family also briefly ruled the Hejaz and Iraq as kings in the previous century.

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