Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Sikh Scripture: Earth is Carried on Head of a Bull

Previously, I explained a fatal scientific error in the Granth (Sikh scripture) which describes the moon as a lamp. In this entry, I shall expose another error in the Granth, which is the idea that the planet Earth is being carried on the head of a bull:

Dhoul Dharam da-i-aa kaa poot.

The mythical bull is Dharma, the son of compassion;

santokh thaap rakhi-aa jin soot.

this is what patiently holds the earth in its place.

Dhavlai upar kaytaa bhaar.

What a great load there is on the bull!

aapay Dhartee Dha-ul akaasaN.

He Himself is the earth, the mythical bull which supports it and the Akaashic ethers.

hukmay Dhartee Dha-ul sir bhaaraN.

The Hukam of His Command is the mythical bull which supports the burden of the earth on its head.

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