Saturday, 21 June 2014

Iqbal (so called Allama) Denies Heaven and Hell are Real Places

The so called "Poet of the East", and great Islamic thinker, Muhammad Iqbal, was in fact a heretic. It is very sad that millions of Muslims throughout Pakistan and India respect Iqbal and consider him a great thinker of Islam. The reality is that there remained a big question mark over his faith.

For example, Iqbal wrote that Jannat (Heaven) and Hell are only mental states and not actual real places.

Reference: Tajdeed Fikriyat e Islam, p. 125

He further wrote (on the next page):
"In Islam there is no such thing as eternal punishment. In some Quranic verses the word forever (khalideen) has been used, but in other places of the Quran it is clear that this only means a limited period of time."

So Iqbal also denied that the punishment of Hell is eternal, he further writes:

"Hell is not even a place of punishment that has been made by some Vengeful (Muntaqim Mizaaj) God, rather it is for the reformation of man and the acquiring of God's Mercy."

Here Iqbal has denied the Quranic concept of Hell as being a place of punishment. Not only that, he has denied the Name and Attribute of Allah 'Al-Muntaqim' meaning the One who carries out retribution (revenge).

Reference: (ibid, p. 126)

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