Friday, 7 November 2014

Shah Ismail Delhawi (R.A.) Ilham of the Awliya is Also Known as Wahi (Revelation)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
The great mujahid and Islamic reformer, Sayyid Shah Isma'il of Delhi (Rahmatullah alayh) explains the reality of Ilham (divine inspiration) which is received by the Awliya, or pious saints of the Ummah.

He writes: "Ilham is that which is given to the Prophets, and that is called Wahi (Revelation). And apart from them it if it given to anyone else then it is called Tahdith. And throughout the Qur'an all of Ilham has been referred to as Wahi, whether it is the Ilham of Prophets or Awliya (Saints)."

That is to say, in Qur'anic terminology, the Ilham (inspiration) which has been received by non-Prophets like Saints has been called Wahi (Revelation). Therefore it is proven that Wahi (Revelation) is not exclusive to Prophets, but it a characteristic of some of the great Awliya (Saints of this Ummah).

Source: Mansab-i-Imamat, P. 58

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