Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Deobandism Exposed: Funny Story of Ashraf Thanwi's Mamoo (Maternal Uncle)

The Deobandi sect is full of all kinds of filthy and harmful Aqa'id (beliefs) and ideas which have nothing to do with the pure and pristine teachings that spring from the holy fountain of Qur'an and Sunnah.

Take for example Ashraf Ali Thanwi (1863-1943), who narrates an incident from his mamoo (maternal uncle), also considered a respected “elder” and saintly figure by the Deobandis. Ashraf Thanwi narrates:

ماموں صحب بولے کہ میں بلکل ننگا ہو کر بازار میں ہو کر نکلوں اس طرح کہ ایک شخص تو آگے سے میرے عضو تناسل کو پکڑ کر کھینچے اور دوسرا پیچھے سے انگلی کرے ساتھ میں لڑکوں کی فوج ہو اور وہ یہ شور مچاۓ جائیں بھڑوا ہے رے بھڑوا بھڑوا ہے رے بھڑوا اور اس وقت میں حقائق و معارف بیان کروں

Translation: ‏‏My maternal uncle said that “I should get completely naked and go out to the market, where someone should drag me by my penis from the front, and another should finger my anus from behind, and alongside there should be an army of boys shouting 'pimp, pimp, pimp, pimp!' and in that condition I should preach the gnostic realities.”

**Comment: Look how dirty and perverted these Deobandis and their so called “elders” really are. How can anyone follow such disgusting and perverted so called “Ulama” and “Sufiya”?

Reference: Malfoozaat Hakeem ul Ummat; vol. 9, p. 212

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