Monday, 18 May 2015

Deobandism Exposed: Naked Majzoobah in Deoband! استغفر الله

The Deobandi sect considers as “Awliya” (saints) all kinds of perverse, mad, and filthy people. Muhammad Roohullah Naqshbandi has compiled an entire book detailing the stories of the Majazeeb (people who are insane or out of their senses) who are venerated and respected by the Deobandis. The Deobandis read their anecdotes for inspiration and consider the Majazeeb as eminent people close to Allah.

So the following is a story of a naked Majzoobah (female Majzoob) in Deoband itself:

دیوبند کی ایک مجذوبہ
دیوبند میں ایک بزرگ تھے مولانا فرید الدین صاحب اور ان کے زمانے میں ایک مجذوبہ تھی، وہ ننگی پھرا کرتی تھی، کسی نے پوچھا کہ تو ستر کیوں نہیں چھپاتی کہنے لگی بیلوں اور گدھوں سے پردہ کا حکم نہیں ہے پردہ آدمیوں سے  ہوتا ہے۔ ایک روز حسب معمول برہنہ پھر رہی تھی ایک دم کہنے لگی کپڑا لاؤ کپڑا لاؤ مرد آرہا ہے تھوڑی دیر میں مولانا فرید الدین صاحب تشریف لاۓ۔

Translation: In Deoband there was an elder named Maulana Fariduddin and in his time there was a Majzoobah. She used to go around naked. Someone asked her, 'why don't you conceal your satr (private parts)?' She said: 'It is not necessary to veil oneself before bulls and is only commanded to veil oneself in the presence of men.' One day she was going about ordinarily when all of a sudden she began to exclaim: 'Bring clothing! Bring clothing! A man is approaching'. After a little while Maulana Fariduddin appeared.

Reference: Majazeeb Ki Pur Asrar Dunya; p.84

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  1. In other words, according to this 'Majzuba', the inhabitants of Deoband are nothing but bulls and donkeys, and she is justified in going about naked in that town because it is not necessary for a woman to observe veil in the presence of mere animals according to the Shari'a!


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