Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Deobandi Blasphemy: Dream of Urinating on the Quran is a Good Dream معاذ الله

Ashraf Ali Thanwi mentions an incident about someone seeing in a dream that he is urinating upon the Holy Qur'an (God forbid!!!):

A person came weeping to Shah Abdul Aziz may Allah have mercy upon him. Hadrat (Shah Abdul Aziz) said: 'what is the matter?' He answered: 'I have seen such a dream that I suspect my faith has been extinguished.' Hadrat said: 'Tell me your dream'. He said: 'I saw that I am urinating upon the Qur'an Majid.' Hadrat said: 'This is a very good dream'”

Reference: Malfoozat Hakim-ul-Ummat, v.15, p.182

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