Thursday, 27 August 2015

Deobandi Conditional Allowance for Grave Worship (Shirk)

The most eminent Deobandi scholar, known as “Hakim-ul-Ummat” - Ashraf Ali Thanwi (1863-1943) wrote that it is both permissible and possible to acquire assistance from the dead in their graves!

Writing on the subject of

قبروں سے مدد چاہنا

Ashraf Thanwi comments:

ہاں! ان سے وہ چیزیں مانگو جو ان کے پاس ہوں تو اب بھی صاحب نسبت ان سے فیض حاصل کرسکتا ہے

Translation: “Yes! Ask them (inmates of the graves) for that which they actually possess, for even now the Sahib-e-Nisbat [person connected through Sufism, mysticism, etc.] can acquire blessings and benefits from them.”

Reference: Ashraf ul Jawab, p.113

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