Friday, 21 August 2015

Deobandism Exposed: Rashid Gangohi's Dream of Marrying Qasim Nanautvi!

Dear readers, take a look for yourselves how perverted the minds of the Deobandis are. See how the deviant Deobandi mulla Rashid Gangohi proudly reveals his dream of marrying with another man, the founder of Deoband school Qasim Nanautvi. Even more sick and disturbing is the fact that Rashid Gangohi says he had sexual relations with Qasim Nanautvi in the aforementioned dream! معاذ الله

میں نے ایک بار خواب دیکھا تھا کہ مولوی محمد قاسم صاحب عروس کی صورت میں ہیں اور میرا ان سے نکاح ہوا ہے سو جس طرح زن و شوہر میں ایک کو دوسرے سے فائدہ پہونچتا ہے اسی طرح مجھے ان سے اور انہیں مجھ سے فائدہ پہونچا ہے

Translation: (Rashid Gangohi said): “Once I saw in a dream that Maulwi Qasim (Nanautvi) is in the form of a bride, and I am married to him [or her?]. Just as wife and husband benefit each other [through sexual relations], in the same way he and I benefited from each other” (!!!)
Reference: Tadkirat ur Rashid, v. 2, p. 289

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