Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Ibnul Wardi: A Section of Muslims Believe Descent of Jesus (A.S) Means Someone Who Resembles Him

According to the Islamic scholar and historian Sirajuddin Abu Hafs Umar ibnul Wardi (d. 749 H), there is a section of Muslims who believe that the descent of the Messiah in the latter days is not literal, but will be fulfilled by the coming of a man who shall bear the characteristics of the Messiah and resemble him spiritually:

وقالت فرقة: نزول عيسى خروج رجل يشبه عيسى في الفضل والشرف كما يقال للرجل الخير ملك وللشرير شيطان, تشبيهاً بهما, ولا يراد الأعيان

Translation: A section (of the Muslims) say: “The descent of Jesus signifies the fact that a man will appear who will resemble Jesus in virtue and excellence. This is like how it is said about a good man that he is an Angel, or about an evil man that he is a Satan, by way of resemblance, but not intending it literally.”

Reference: Khareedat-ul-Aja'ib wal Fareedat-ul-Ghara'ib, p.190

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