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Mawdudi: "The Prophet عليه السلام Failed in Preaching Islam..." معاذ الله

One of the most disastrous calamities from the pseudo-Islamic thinker Abul Alaa Mawdudi (1903-1979) was his disparagement of the Prophets of God. In order to justify his twisted political ideology, Mawdudi slandered the Prophet of Islam صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم by claiming that the Prophet “failed” (God forbid) to convert the people to Islam through preaching and evangelism:

لیکن جب وعظ و تلقین کی ناکامی کے بعد داعئ اسلام نے ہاتھ میں تلوار لی اور 
ألا كل مأثرة و دم او مال يدعى فهو تحت قدمي هاتين
کا اعلان کر کےتمام موروثی امتیازات کا خاتمہ کر دیا، عزّت و اقتدار کے تمام رسمی بتوں کو توڑ دیا، ملک میں ایک منظم اور منضبط حکومت قائم کر دی
“When every method of persuasion failed, the Prophet took to the sword…”
تو دلوں سے رفتہ رفتہ بدی اور شرارت کا رنگ چھوٹنے لگا۔ طبیعتوں سے فاسد مادّے خودبخود نکل گئے، روحوں کی کثافتیں دور ہوگئیں اور یہی نہیں کہ آنکھوں سے پردہ ہٹ کر حق کا نور صاف عیاں ہوگیا، بلکہ گردنوں میں وہ سختی اور سروں میں وہ نخوت باقی نہیں رہی جو ظہور حق کے بعد انسان کو اس کے آگے جھکنے سے باز رکھتی ہے۔
عرب  کی طرح دوسرے ممالک نے بھی جو اسلام کو اس سرعت سے قبول کیا کہ ایک صدی کے اندر چوتھائی دنیا مسلمان ہوگئی تو اس کی وجہ بھی یہی تھی کہ اسلام کی تلوار نے ان پردوں کو چاک کر دیا جو دلوں پر پڑے ہوۓ تھے، اس فضا کو صاف کردیا جس کے اندر کوئی اخلاقی تعلیم پنپ نہیں سکتی، ان حکومتوں کے تختے الٹ دیے جو حق کی دشمن اور باطل کی پشت پناہ تھیں
“That sword removed evil mischief, the impurities of evil and the filth of the soul. The sword did something more – it removed their blindness so they could see the light of truth, and also cured them of their arrogance; arrogance which prevents people from accepting the truth, stiff necks and proud heads bowed with humility. As in Arabia and other countries, Islam’s expansion was so fast that within a century a quarter of the world accepted it. This conversion took place because the sword of Islam tore away the veils which had covered men’s hearts.”
Reference: Al-Jihad Fil Islam; p. 174

Not only has Mawdudi slandered the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by claiming that the latter “failed” in his preaching and therefore had to resort to the sword, but he goes on further to say that the reason not only the Arabs but a quarter of the world converted to Islam was because of the power of the sword to remove the disease of arrogance from men’s hearts and make them submit to the will of God.
This is of course an extremely erroneous notion that the sword has the power to bring about a spiritual reformation of man. Contrary to Mawdudi’s baseless assertions, the history of Islam shows that this beautiful and enlightened Faith penetrated the hearts of men and women not through the edge of the sword, but through the personality and character of the Prophet and his Companions, and through the compelling message of the Qur’an and the miracles and evangelism of those saintly mystics who were infused with the light of the Prophet through emulation of him صلى الله عليه وسلم

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  1. *Note: The Hadith quoted by Mawdudi in Arabic is taken from the Tarikh of Imam Tabari , and it is weak due to Irsaal.


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